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R.Y.I.T. was officially founded in 2017 by Kyler B. and Committee Level, later including Cavalry. But the idea R.Y.I.T. goes back many years before 2017. Kyler B. and Committee Level have been the Dynamic Duo since around 2014, and has always wanted to establish their own record company and Hip-Hop group. Around the time of 2015 it took the name as 'rYiT Records' from the name 'No Name Needed Records'. In 2016 Kyler B. and Committee Level, went dark in the rap game and shelved their major rap projects but they were still working on their craft. Then in July of 2017 the spark came back and they came back in full force creating R.Y.I.T. dropping the 'Records' in place for an acronym. Around September of 2017, Cavalry joined as an artist and owning his piece of the R.Y.I.T. brand.

R.Y.I.T. is an independent music group helping artist with production, tours, promotion, etc. But R.Y.I.T. is also more than that, it is a Squad, that includes the artist, employees, and fans alike.