Kyler b.


Kyler B. is a Hip-Hop artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. Kyler B. was originally introduced to Hip-Hop, when he was about 11, by his older sister playing the song 'Ass Like That' by Eminem, ever since then he has always been interested by Hip-Hop. Later on when Kyler B. was about 13 he really found his love for perfecting the art of rapping. 

Kyler B. has grabbed Hip-Hop inspiration from many places including but not limited to, J. Cole, Logic, Eminem, and Biggie Smalls. He is always searching new artist to listen to and expand his catalog.

Kyler B. plays a big part at R.Y.I.T. from rapping and producing, to managing. Kyler B. hopes to expand R.Y.I.T. to as far as he can stretch it.

Kyler B. currently has one Mixtape called, "The Introduction To," Kyler B. will be releasing new music in the new future.

Instagram: @KylerB919

Spotify: Kyler B.

Soundcloud: Kyler B.